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We are CargoSoft – Markus Klein in portrait

„I am happy when our software applications make our customers even more successful in the market.” Markus Klein particularly likes this aspect of his work. He has been working in sales for CargoSoft for 13 years. „I prefer to watch the processes live.

As a trained freight forwarder, I have a good eye for where the shoe pinches,” reports Markus. He brings a great deal of experience in the areas of warehouse logistics, import and truck forwarding to his work. There is great potential for digitalization, especially in the warehouse, to minimize information loss and delays between industrial and commercial employees.

When Markus started his training as a BMSR technician in the former GDR in 1989, he could not have foreseen this professional development. But with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the job profile largely disappeared, so he embarked on a second career as a forwarding agent in Bremen. A piece of his homeland has accompanied him since then: his Simson Spatz – the moped rarity, built in 1964 with pedal set.