CO2 Emissions Calculator

Standardized CO2 determination for transport chains across all modes of transport – air, sea, land

  • Your solution for calculating emissions from freight transport worldwide
  • Transparent CO2 footprint across all modes of transport
  • Separate CO2 determination possible for pre-, main- and post-carriage
  • Emission values ​​are saved both as a total and individually
  • Emission data as a decision-making aid for transport concepts

Your benefits

  • Recognized standard: Certified according to GLEC Framework
  • Automated calculation of the CO2 footprint of transports
  • Connected to TMS, SCM and rate management from CargoSoft
  • Depict sustainability as a separate evaluation criterion

Product info

With CargoSoft’s CO2 emissions calculation, you can calculate the CO2 emissions of your forwarding and transport orders right from the start. This means you can be sure that the evaluation criterion for sustainability is automatically integrated into your operational logistics process. Our solution enables the complete calculation of CO2 values ​​for global transport chains across all modes of transport.

In addition to price and transit time, CO2 determination will be a decisive evaluation criterion in the transport and logistics industry in the future. Our tool for calculating emissions from global freight transport automatically provides you with reliable greenhouse gas data parallel to price determination or order entry – without any additional recording effort.

Conformity to current standards

We use the globally known and established software from EcoTransIT World (ETW) to determine CO2 emissions. Various recognized standards have been incorporated into the application as the basis for the calculation method. This means you can be sure that the CO2 values ​​for the entire multimodal supply chain are reliable and are equally recognized by industrial and commercial companies as well as freight forwarders and logistics service providers.

The standards are taken into account

  • GLEC framework
  • ISO14083

No additional effort

All we need for the CO2 calculation is the transport data from your CargoSoft TMS, CargoSoft SCM or CargoSoft rate management. Specifically, the following information is taken into account when determining the CO2 values:

  • Weight in kg
  • Mode of transport per section
  • Sections to be calculated (preliminary, main and/or final leg)

The result of the CO2 emissions is automatically entered into the system. The CO2 data is then stored for you in the CargoSoft TMS and can either be displayed in the dashboard or accessed as a separate report, which can be customized depending on your needs.

You can also transmit the results transparently to your customers. Simply export the data via Excel, CSV or XML interface.

Professional CO2 assessment basis

By displaying and saving the individual transport sections separately, you can specifically evaluate the individual CO2 consumption. When determining this, the system distinguishes between pre-carriage, main carriage and on-carriage. What this means for you: Based on the calculated emissions, you can make an informed selection of modes of transport from a CO2 perspective and advise your customers accordingly.

CargoSoft Productowner

„A reliable and internationally recognized emissions calculation is part of the tools of a sustainable transport and logistics company. Only those who know their CO2 footprint and make it transparent can work effectively on future-proof, sustainable transport concepts. Our CO2 emissions calculator is your simple, practical and comprehensive answer to this requirement.”

Uwe Droste, Managing Director of CargoSoft