Fit gap analysis

Ready for the next level of TMS?

With our fit gap analysis, we work with you to identify the unused potential of CargoSoft TMS in your company. Get to know the functions and workflows of the software, which you can use to further optimize your logistics processes. Get more out of the CargoSoft TMS software and look forward to your personal “aha moment”.

General structure and implementation of the tailored fit gap analysis

  1. Workshop for process recording and fit gap analysis in the current TMS work process by the CargoSoft consulting team – at your location. CargoSoft then evaluates the fit gap analysis and, based on this, creates an individual training/training plan.
  2. Individual training in the productive system – the identified TMS functionalities and workflows that further optimize your work process are taught and trained by CargoSoft employees in an individual training session at your location (at the latest 3 months after the process start-up workshop) .
  3. Summary and deepening of knowledge – follow-up to the individual training in the productive system as well as refreshment and deepening of the topics taught (at the latest 3 months after the individual training) .

Fit gap analysis for CargoSoft users

If you are interested, please contact us for an offer.