TMS air freight

Air freight order processing, eAWB creation, CASS billing, IATA rates, eRates

  • Document creation eAWB, manifesto, label
  • Own gateway/flight plan for Consol flight plan
  • Integration of eRates and IATA rates
  • CASS air freight billing
  • Customs connections

Your benefits

  • Barrier-free eAWB communication with the airlines
  • Automated order costing and billing
  • Commissioning transport and CEP service providers
  • Transparency via status reports and tracking

Product info

In air freight, every minute often counts. Use CargoSoft TMS Air Freight to accelerate your air freight processes. With our software you have a closed cycle – from the offer to booking and shipment creation to billing. Communication with airlines, customers, customs authorities as well as the commissioning of transport and CEP service providers are integrated.

eAWB and digitalized processing

Bring speed to air cargo operations. With CargoSoft TMS, the order is recorded in no time. This allows all further processes to be initiated. This includes booking from the system with the airlines. All air waybills, for example IATA, CONSOL, HAWB, including manifests and appropriate barcode labels, can be generated quickly and easily. The AWB data is transmitted to the airlines electronically. Feedback from the airlines is automatically assigned to the respective orders in the CargoSoft TMS.

Calculation and CASS billing

The current air freight rates are available to you at any time in the CargoSoft TMS. Depending on the shipment, eRates, IATA rates or spot rates can be used. This saves considerable time when calculating the order.

The subsequent settlement of air freight between airlines and freight forwarders is often carried out via IATA’s CASS (Cargo Account Settlement Systems). The freight forwarder receives the CASS invoice as a file via email. He can import these into our CASS module. There it is automatically checked against the previously created provisions and automatically posted.

Own gateway/flight plan for Consol flight plan

Standardization is particularly useful for recurring, regular consolidations of groupage goods. CargoSoft TMS allows you to create your own flight plans that can be published for other branches. This means that all branches can access the Consol flight schedules and book their in-house shipments directly into the master flight schedule. If overbooking occurs, a warning will be issued.

Customs connections

The customs software integrated into the CargoSoft TMS covers all normal customs procedures and transmits them to the customs IT system ATLAS. In addition, with the support of the web and interface-based digital platform ZAPP-Air, you can carry out your customs export processes at all German airports quickly and, above all, effectively. The integration of the FAIR@Link platform also supports the export and import processes at Frankfurt Airport. For shipments to Canada, the advance declaration for Canadian customs (ACI) is taken into account in the CargoSoft TMS.

Well informed: status reports

The status reports that can be integrated into CargoSoft TMS help to make well-founded decisions along the supply chain. The status reports are processed automatically in CargoSoft TMS and can be provided individually to customers or partners via tracking systems. In this way, everyone involved is kept up to date digitally and transparently.

You will receive status reports in the CargoSoft TMS about:

  • Flight status
  • Premium tracking for flight status of import shipments.
  • Transport status via first/last mile tracking (QR code)
  • Check-in status at Frankfurt Airport (FAIR@link)
  • Customs status from ATLAS and ZAPP AIR

FAIR@Link Frankfurt

At Frankfurt Airport, benefit from the integration of the cargo community platform FAIR@Link into the CargoSoftTMS. Over 1,000 companies and authorities use FAIR@Link to optimize and accelerate their import and export freight processes.

Portrait von Theo Buergel

„We have found the digitalization in the TMS air freight sector with CargoSoft to be extremely efficient and successful. The software applications and IT solutions have not only optimized our processes but also improved collaboration with partners. CargoSoft’s innovative approach has been a key factor in ensuring that we remain competitive and future-proof in air freight logistics.“

Theo Bürgel, Managing Director, Central Global Cargo GmbH
CargoSoft Product Owner

„The attitude with which I approach new projects is based on a quote from Albert Einstein: You can never solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them.“

Kerstin Heller, product management
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