EDI Interfaces

EDI interfaces, automation, background processing, process optimization, making work easier

  • Data exchange with customers, partners, subcontractors
  • Digital networking beyond company boundaries
  • Only one data source per job
  • Basis for future-proof automation
  • Process automation and optimization

Your benefits

  • Data collection at the data source
  • no multiple recording
  • Minimization of manual work steps
  • Relief for employees
  • Faster data processing
  • Acceleration of order processing

Product info

With the TMS module CargoCom you can map your EDI interfaces and control your data exchange securely with those involved in the transport chain. This module allows you, for example, to send transport orders, bookings, invoices and credit notes digitally to or receive them from your partners, clients or customers. Incoming data is transferred directly into your own software. Double entries and the associated errors are eliminated. This saves time and relieves employees.

Our strength is the variety of connection options that allow you to network with the various software systems of the logistics players. For this purpose, CargoSoft offers a wide range of standard and customer-specific EDI interfaces.

These are the three main groups of our interfaces

Standard interfaces into the CargoSoft TMS world

We have our own standard interfaces to the various CargoSoft TMS modules. This includes EDI solutions for shipment data, status information, accounting data and address data. For example, addresses or shipment data can be exported from the CargoSoft TMS. In the same way, data provided by a customer or partner can be imported into our CargoSoft TMS.

Standard interfaces to service providers: We provide interfaces to other service providers and partners. These include DAKOSY, Fortras 100 and DATEV.

Over 150 individual interfaces

We have over 150 individual interfaces to partners and external systems in a wide variety of formats (XML, JSON, EDIFACT, EXCEL, CSV, etc.). Here we fully address the partners’ requirements, both in terms of format and transmission technology. This allows us to professionally implement individual customer requests in particular.

Interface Manager CargoCom

The CargoCom module securely controls your data exchange with those involved in the transport chain. To put it simply, CargoSoft’s own development is a background program. It always ensures order with the different EDI connections of external partners. For example, it controls the exchange of different formats, regulates the frequency of data transmission and ensures that processes are triggered automatically. For example, a PDF or an email can be generated at the same time as data is transferred.

CargoSoft Productowner

„Thanks to CargoSoft’s standard formats, such as our in-house developed CargoSoftFile, shipment data can be completely exported and imported in order to connect partners. This is a quick and easy way to exchange shipment data easily and securely.”

Hauke ​​Gulich, EDI team leader