Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management, order management, supplier management, tracking, notifications

  • Manage the supply chain efficiently
  • Digital control of orders and warehouse optimization
  • Mandate-capable delivery management
  • Tracking at item, order and shipment level
  • Early warning system in the event of deviations

Your benefits

  • Capture, analyze and share supply chain information in real time
  • Take timely countermeasures in the event of supply chain disruptions
  • Transparency for everyone involved within the supply chain
  • Inter-company collaboration on a uniform database
  • Integration of transport orders

Product info

CargoSoft SCM is our digital solution for a holistic

Supply Chain Management (SCM) for internationally active freight forwarders, logisticians and shippers. Aligned with the needs of the transport and logistics industry, you can use the software solution to control the flow of goods from the time the goods are ordered – long before the actual time of transport – until delivery.

Platform ensures transparency

All information and threads relating to your supply chain come together on the SCM platform. This means: Every coordination between the partners along the supply chain takes place exclusively via our platform. This is the only reason why there is a uniform database. Information is captured, analyzed and shared in real time. This brings transparency to your supply chain and enables optimal inter-company collaboration.

Well-thought-out control of orders and eBooking

Procurement is the beginning of the supply chain. CargoSoft SCM’s order management covers the high complexity of purchasing. The software allows you to quickly respond to changes in supply and demand, new supplier sources or markets. Of course, order quantities can be flexibly increased, reduced or canceled.

eBooking for partners allows suppliers, service providers or customers to independently pre-register shipments via a web interface. This means that everyone involved can be integrated into the SCM, regardless of their technical capabilities.

Each supplier has their own dashboard

Traders or carriers communicate with many suppliers of goods or services every day. SCM meets the requirements with well-visualized multi-client capability. You can create a separate dashboard for each of your suppliers, which brings together the latest information about orders. The diverse functions allow you to react quickly to changes in supply and demand, new supplier sources or markets.

eShipment: Integration of transport orders

Transport orders and bookings can also be placed easily and barrier-free with the SCM software. With the eShipment module, partners can record the respective shipments online. The shipment data is transferred to the CargoSoft TMS (Transport Management System) as an import shipment. All transport documents can be uploaded.

eTracking: Information available at any time

Every status along the supply chain can be accessed using the eTracking module. This means you are always “up to date” about the delivery status of the order, depending on your needs at order, shipment or item level. At the same time, you can also make data from eTracking available to your customers. This ensures transparency about the progress of orders at all levels. It is also possible to integrate photos for quality control.

In the event of deviations, SCM’s early warning system notifies you and authorized partners as early as possible. Causes can include, for example, delivery delays and inventory defects.

The highlights also include the scalability of SCM. Thanks to the modular structure of the SCM, you only choose what you need for your company. Another strength is the flexible system configuration and individually implemented interfaces and of course the possibility of SAP connection.

Customer voice

„The SCM is the linchpin of communication with our partners. Thanks to the digital connections of all parties involved in the transport, everyone can access the current data.”

Dennis Kwast, team leader Emsland Group

Product videos

Video: What’s new in version 2022.4

Video: Introducing the new dashboard

Video: Insight into the new design of the CargoSoft SCM portal and its functions

Most used functions

  • Order Management
  • eTrackings
  • eShipment
CargoSoft Productowner

„A standout feature of our system is its adaptability. Our users have the option to save their individual search criteria and results. By doing so, we create a personalized experience where each user receives the information relevant to their specific needs.”

Iyad Ali