Rate Management (RMS)

Digitized purchase and sales rates, offers/offers, offer comparisons

  • Central rate management database across all modes of transport
  • Easy comparison of service providers and modes of transport
  • Central creation and management of offers
  • Basis for building an online booking portal
  • Transfer of offers and rates into the TMS

Your benefits

  • Time savings during calculation and in the further process
  • Complex calculations at the click of a mouse
  • No outdated rates, no hidden costs
  • Select the best transport carrier and service provider combination
  • Automated from offer to billing

Product info

With CargoSoft Enterprise Condition Management – ​​our rate management – ​​you always have your purchase and sales rates for air, sea and land transport up to date and at an overview. Our software manages all of your global logistics contracts, takes complex freight structures and additional conditions into account and integrates both spot rates and contract rates. Central access means saving time in the daily process for sales, purchasing, scheduling and accounting.

Basis for online booking portal

If you plan to set up an online booking portal, the purchase and sales rates stored in CargoSoft RMS are the basis for this. With a booking platform, standard business can be easily automated. Take the next step towards digital forwarding with our eForwarding software.

Service provider and transport carrier check

For individual offers, CargoSoft RMS gives you the security of creating them consistently on the correct calculation basis and adapting your sales rates to market conditions. You can compare and combine different modes of transport and service providers for your transport planning. The costs, cost developments and calculation bases in the individual corridors are compared transparently. This means you can provide your customers with optimal advice, including with regard to sustainable and cost-optimized options.

All shipping-relevant conditions can be displayed

The RMS is ideally tailored to the needs of shipping companies. The software can display both the long-term contract rates and the short-term spot rates. Empty container depots are also taken into account in the calculation. Other conditions that form the basis for pricing can be individually adjusted, for example dangerous goods classes or refrigerated transport. A standard upload form for MS Excel makes uploading the conditions easier. We also support our customers in depositing the rates by connecting to spot quotes from Freightify and the Service Contract Reader.

Share offer knowledge in a targeted manner

Once the offer has been created, everyone authorized in the company can find the offer. This simplifies the administration and evaluation of accepted/rejected offers. By assigning individual user rights, you control that only those involved in the process chain have global access to data relevant to them. You can be sure that the conditions stored are always up to date. The system automatically informs you about expiring contracts or installment components via warning messages (alerts, emails).

Automated right up to the invoice

If the offer becomes an order, our CargoSoft TMS takes over. Because the RMS can be integrated into our transport management system. For you this means that the purchase and sales prices from the offer are automatically transferred to the shipping order. This means that billing and provision creation can also be done digitally. The time savings are noticeable and error rates drop noticeably.

Customer voice

„With CargoSoft’s ECM rate management, we have an overview of our purchasing rates within the Karl Gross Group at all times. This transparent basis means we are well positioned for further digitization projects.“

Ilona Bouwmann, Sales Analyst/Project Manager Enterprise Condition Management, Karl Gross Internationale Spedition GmbH

Most used functions

  • Creation and management of offers (ad hoc and general)
  • Rate search and transfer of the calculation lines into the TMS, transfer of the purchase and sales prices of the ad hoc offer
  • Price comparison of service providers
CargoSoft Productowner

„In the overall process – from sales to operations to administration – the RMS with its integration into the TMS makes it easier for everyone involved.”

Sibylle Protz, Quality Management Employee, Product Owner RMS
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