CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Efficient customer acquisition, lead management & customer retention, sales campaigns

  • All customer data is transparent and available centrally
  • Easy maintenance of customer data, also via mobile app
  • Customer analyzes through the freight forwarding lens
  • Segmentation of target groups for sales campaigns
  • Customer location display for targeted travel planning

Your benefits

  • Better customer knowledge through shared knowledge
  • Stronger customer loyalty through individual support
  • With insider knowledge about the right offer for acquisition
  • Advertising measures and mailings without wastage

Product info

CargoSoft CRM is tailor-made customer relationship management, specifically tailored to the requirements of logistics service providers. With the software you control and manage your existing and potential customers centrally. The software creates a uniform database, especially for international freight forwarding companies with many branches. All customer-relevant data can be accessed from any location. CargoSoft CRM differentiates between import and export, modes of transport, relations and other logistics-specific features.

360 degree view of customers

All information about a customer or an acquisition is stored centrally in CargoSoft CRM. In this way, you can specifically share existing knowledge across branches and departments, to which all authorized employees have access. In addition to the classic contact details, business positions, birthdays and relationships to other contacts can also be displayed. Visit reports can be logged in the e-file so that colleagues are kept up to date with the activities of the field service. Details like these often give the conversation a personal touch. All technical information is also brought together: For example, it is visible whether a potential air freight customer has already carried out sea freight transactions or has processed orders through another branch.

Key figures back up your gut feeling

In CargoSoft CRM, all customer-related data from different areas can be brought together. Among other things, offers and stored rates, transport volumes and sales, broken down by routes and modes of transport, as well as payment practices can be viewed. The entire customer development can be depicted graphically so that you can always keep an overview. This digital tool provides you with a reliable basis for decision-making for customer discussions and sales campaigns.

Campaigns that resonate

CargoSoft CRM enables targeted sales and marketing campaigns via mailing or newsletter that reach the right group of people. Customers, categorized according to industries, routes, modes of transport or other shipping criteria, can be easily selected and advertising measures can be designed specifically and individually for the desired target group. This way you can be sure that your sales and marketing campaigns reach the right recipients and ensure appropriate attention.

Companion and preparation for sales

Preparing for a sales trip usually begins with researching companies and potential and existing customers in the relevant region. The CargoSoft CRM takes over the function for you. With the integrated location display, the stored contacts in the desired region are shown on a map. This means your sales force is guaranteed not to miss any interesting leads. The mobile version of CargoSoft CRM ensures that you can view and enter customer data and visit reports flexibly and regardless of location. The task manager helps you with the organization. It shows all open activities, appointments, follow-ups, visits and events.

Integrated or as a stand-alone solution

CargoSoft CRM is available to you based on Web 2.0 and Ajax and can be used as an integrated solution in CargoSoft TMS or as a stand-alone product as an independent system.


„As a CargoSoft TMS customer, it is important for us to manage existing and potential customer relationships through a unified, central platform. With a focus on the requirements of the logistics industry, CargoSoft’s CRM solution enables exactly that! With its comprehensive, customizable features, we have optimized our customer relationships, improved sales processes, and increased efficiency. CargoSoft’s CRM provides us with clear added value.“

Thomas Manigk, Managing Director, Kopf & Lübben GmbH

Most used functions

  • With a campaign, for example, newsletters can be sent to many customers with just a few clicks
  • Documentation of customer conversations with the visit report
  • Operation possible via mobile devices
CargoSoft Productowner

„Given the strong competition in the logistics market, it is crucial to stand out from other market participants. Otherwise, providers will quickly become interchangeable. Customer satisfaction is a significant and decisive factor for long-term customer loyalty. This is where our CRM makes the difference.“

Maren Servicemaier, Product Owner CRM CargoSoft

Easy to understand, easy to use!

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