Automated sanctions list screening in CargoSoft applications. Ensures compliance & risk management through immediate checking of all orders & data in the background.

  • Automated sanctions list screening: Checks are carried out automatically in the background.
  • Immediate test results: Results are available immediately after the order is saved.
  • Daily comparison: Continuous updating and comparison with current sanctions lists.

Your benefits

  • Ensuring compliance: Meets legal requirements without additional effort.
  • Efficient risk management: Reduces the risk of violations in operational business.
  • Focus on core business: Companies can concentrate on their core activities.
  • Closed compliance chain: Consistent adherence to compliance guidelines throughout the entire company.

Product info

The CargoSoft Compliance module enables you to perform effective and automated sanctions list screening for your CargoSoft applications. Our intelligent and secure tool ensures a closed compliance chain in your company and is an indispensable part of your risk management.

According to the legal regulations, every company must ensure that it does not have any business relations with companies and persons that are listed on one of the sanctions lists.

CargoSoft Compliance runs in the background and is your protective shield against violations in your operational business. The integrated sanctions list check is carried out automatically as soon as you save an order or processing. The test result is available immediately. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while being on the safe side of complying with your legal obligations.

In general, CargoSoft Compliance ensures a daily comparison of individual persons and companies or their entire database with the sanctions lists.

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