TMS sea freight

Order processing for sea freight export and import including pre- and on-carriage as well as customs clearance, status reports, port connections

  • Professionally digitize sea freight orders and B’s/L
  • Secure bookings and communication with shipping companies
  • Informed to the point: status reports
  • Integrated customs clearance (ATLAS)
  • Various port connections for import/export clearance

Your benefits

  • Consistently digitalized sea freight processing
  • Integration of pre- and on-carriage as well as customs
  • Communication with the seaports
  • Booking confirmations directly into CargoSoft TMS
  • Share status updates with customers

Product info

The sea freight module in CargoSoft TMS is tailored to your transport processing in international maritime exports and imports. The application contains the order documents and processes relevant to sea freight, including pre-carriage and on-carriage, customs clearance and invoicing. The relevant port and news portals are integrated into Carosoft TMS Sea Freight, so that those involved in the process can exchange all necessary instructions and information electronically.

B/L as the centerpiece

The focus of sea freight processing is the Bill of Lading (B/L) and its accompanying documents. With CargoSoft TMS, the bill of lading and manifest can be created reliably and professionally. The data stored in the TMS is simply uploaded to the corresponding Ocean B/L or House B/L.

B/L is not the same as B/L: For example, in our application we also take into account the FBL for multimodal transport (developed by FIATA), which is common in freight forwarding. Electronic international shipping of B/L and transport orders ensures barrier-free communication with those involved in the transport chain.

Bookings and communication with shipping companies

Send your electronic bookings to the shipping companies directly from the CargoSoft TMS. The mandatory transmission of the certified total container weight – Verified Gross Mass (VGM) – is also integrated into the application. The B/L transfer is also automated. You will receive booking confirmations and other status information (e.g. ship departures and depot information) directly into the TMS.

Connection to the seaports

Share your information from the CargoSoft TMS with the seaports in Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp. With the module, sea freight-relevant registrations can be communicated to these ports.

Comprehensive customs supplies

The customs software integrated into the CargoSoft TMS covers all normal customs procedures and transmits them to the customs IT system ATLAS.

Important customs processes for sea freight such as:

  • the “Customs Export Monitoring in the Paperless Port” (ZAPP)
  • Pre-registration for US Customs (AMS)
  • Canadian Customs Pre-Declaration (ACI)
  • Japanese/Chinese Customs Pre-Declaration (AFR)

Well informed: status reports

The status reports that can be integrated into CargoSoft TMS help to make decisions along the supply chain. The status reports are processed automatically in CargoSoft TMS and can be provided individually to customers or partners via tracking systems. In this way, everyone involved is kept up to date digitally and transparently.

A variety of connections enable the processing of status events in the TMS. A large number of status events along the transport chain can be displayed in the TMS. Some examples

  • Ship departure, ship arrival and changes along the sea voyage (Project44, Oceanbooking)
  • Booking confirmation (Oceanbooking)
  • Collection and delivery status via connected service providers
  • Loading stop (customs clearance)
  • Terminal status from the Port of Hamburg (Import Message Platform)

Paperless import in the Port of Hamburg: Import Platform (IMP)

When importing via the Port of Hamburg, you are connected to DAKOSY’s IMP import platform via CargoSoft TMS. As a single window, the IMP supports the requirements of carriers, terminals, freight forwarders, transporters, importers and the authorities involved. It enables them to exchange information electronically and in some cases automatically, thereby enabling import processing to be more effective and accelerated overall.

CargoSoft Product Owner

„When digitally mapping complex sea freight processes, I often keep a quote from Laozi in mind: Only those who know their destination can find the way.“

Kerstin Heller, product management

Most used functions

  • eFile for storing all order-related documents
  • Dashboard. Not just a simple order search
  • Credit limit check
Portrait von Erik Wendel

„We have been using CargoSoft’s TMS Seafreight forwarding software since 2008. The extensive range of interfaces to domestic and international ports and customs, which we use extensively, is particularly valuable to us. For some of the interfaces, we even provided the initial impetus and subsequently served as a pilot partner during their implementation.“

Erik Wendel, IT Project Manager and Head of e-logistics Germany, ETS & Scan Global Logistics GmbH

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