Quotation and Booking Portal

Internet portal for offers, bookings, tracking of worldwide transports

  • Uniform, transparent and automated offer creation
  • Integration option into existing transport management systems (TMS)
  • Inclusion of all transport carriers possible
  • Design of the portal in your own corporate design
  • Streamlining work processes, providing information at any time

Your benefits

  • 24/7 service for price inquiries and bookings including tracking
  • Simple and quick offer check for customers
  • Good comparability of different transport options
  • No delays in inquiries and bookings
  • Current status and shipment tracking available at any time

Product info

With CargoSoft eForwarding you can get started with your own offer and booking portal for transport and logistics services. With the online platform, your customers can flexibly obtain price information and place bookings independently at any time. This ensures 24/7 availability for offers and bookings across different time zones, including subsequent tracking of shipments. This increases customer satisfaction and your efficiency at the same time.

Portal for offers, bookings and tracking

Your customers can use eForwarding to display complete transport chains and individually combine the various sections across all modes of transport (air, sea and land). The operation is simple: after entering the desired transport route and the shipment details, the portal visitor is immediately shown the relevant offers. The interested party can compare these transparently in terms of mode of transport, duration and other services. After selection and booking, the client receives a confirmation email. Consignment tracking is then available in the portal, where the current status can be accessed at any time. You can also access the saved offers and bookings at any time.

Online NVOCC ship bookings

Do you operate as an NVOCC – i.e. as a shipping company without your own ships? Then use eForwarding to create a portal in which your customers can search directly for a specific ship departure. After selecting the desired trip, the booking is made directly via the online platform. This gives the customer the security of knowing that they have an overview of available capacities and can secure the right shipping space as quickly as possible.  

Portal can be designed in your corporate design

Our application eForwarding is a white label. For you this means: Your professional offer and booking portal is reflected in the external appearance that suits you – in your colors, logos/graphics and fonts. Of course, the portal can also be integrated directly into your websites. The design in harmony with your corporate design ensures acceptance and recognition among your customers.

Content freely configurable

The basis for eForwarding is your sales rates, prices and conditions. You store this in CargoSoft rate management. Our software manages your entire global transport conditions, takes complex freight structures and additional conditions into account and integrates both spot rates and contract rates. You decide for yourself which of these values ​​are displayed to the Internet user. It can also be configured whether anyone can request a price or whether only existing customers have access to the system. Our integrated statistics function allows you to evaluate the use of your offers according to various criteria – for example according to routes, transit times or preferred transport carriers. This provides you with a basis for decision-making for future capacity or supply planning.

TMS integration: Automated through to billing

With a standard inquiry and booking, employees’ time can be reduced by up to 100 percent. The bookings generated via your internet portal are automatically transferred to your transport management system (TMS). So we developed CargoSoft TMS, an application that ensures seamless integration. Further processes can also be automated. This includes, for example, checking incoming invoices and preparing outgoing invoices.

Customer voice
Portrait von Hr Erler

„Especially in the air and sea freight business, it is important to respond quickly to inquiries across time zones. CargoSoft is our reliable partner with its software solutions.“

Stefan Erler, Sales Manager, Rieck Sea Air Cargo International GmbH & Co. KG

Easy to understand, easy to use!

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CargoSoft Product Owner

„Our eForwarding is a 24/7 service for price inquiries and bookings including tracking. This tool creates transparency and simplifies everyday work for freight forwarders and logisticians. This results in immense time advantages, especially in the international freight forwarding business across different time zones.“

Kerstin Heller, product management
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