Rent or buy

With CargoSoft TMS you can choose between two licensing models: Software as a Service (SaaS) or On Premises.

Software as a Service

With our SaaS solution, you rent our software and save the acquisition and installation costs. We also take care of all maintenance, create backups and ensure that the software is always up to date. The subscription structure with a fixed rate per month per employee means your monthly costs adapt to your business and employee development.

On-Premise License

With the on-premises model, companies purchase software licenses for a one-time fee and install them as a local solution on their servers. The responsibility for operation and data backup lies with the respective companies. It should therefore be ensured that appropriate IT know-how is available internally (Windows, Linux, possibly database know-how). You pay a monthly fee to CargoSoft for the further development and maintenance of CargoSoft (regular updates of the version installed on your computer).

For both license types, CargoSoft provides support in the event of errors in the software. After training your employees (during the introduction and regularly to refresh their knowledge), users’ questions are answered by the CargoSoft administrators established at the customer’s company. If a clear error is identified, our Service Desk will be called in to help with error analysis and resolution.

Our SaaS model is experiencing significant growth rates. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are opting for this service because the requirements for data security and reliability from both customers and governments are constantly increasing.

The most important advantages of SaaS at a glance:

  • Clear calculation basis for IT investments and running costs, which depend on the level of usage.
  • We take responsibility for availability, data security, licensing, databases, hardware (on the server side) and access to up-to-date software.
  • Flexible access with encrypted connections for easy integration of multiple locations (national and international)

Get advice on which solution is the most sensible and economical for your company.

SaaS or On-Premise

Get advice on which model is the most sensible and economical solution for your company.