API Interface

Retrieve live data, programming interface, REST WebService

  • Integration of shipment data on your own website in your own design
  • Connection of status suppliers
  • Integration of external status information and live data
  • Basis for shipment tracking, slot booking or CO2 calculation

Your benefits

  • Professionally program apps with your own look and feel
  • Real-time information on transport & sustainability
  • Access to database data without SQL knowledge
  • Use of standard techniques for connection

Product info

The CargoSoft API is a powerful solution for your company to provide customers with transport-relevant status information via user-friendly apps or web services. Real-world examples of the CargoSoft API include real-time shipment tracking, retrieval of shipping data, CO2 calculation, ship arrivals and departures or slot bookings. It supports the different transport modes such as air freight, sea freight and road transport.

Status apps according to your needs

Our CargoSoft API is the ideal programming interface for your developers to create individual applications that can be seamlessly integrated into your software. The API offers a variety of features such as tracking shipments in real time, retrieving shipping data, and much more.

From the database into your application

The abbreviation API means Application Programming Interface. It is a programming interface that runs in the background and facilitates data transfer between systems. For example, the API pulls the relevant shipment data for tracking from the CargoSoft TMS database and integrates it into an app or website.

Prepare and visualize data in an understandable way

With an API interface, you can prepare external data (such as ship arrivals and departures, transport status or CO2 data) tailored to the way you or your customers need and understand it – whether as a world map, in table form or as a written document.

A few details for developers

The CargoSoft API is easy to implement and provides user-friendly documentation to help developers get started quickly. As a foundation, the API uses REST architecture, which allows developers to send and receive HTTP requests to access resources. Besides, the API also uses JSON as a data format, which is supported by most modern programming languages. Additionally, the CargoSoft REST API provides a robust security infrastructure. With token-based authentication, only authorized users can access the API.

Our conclusion: With the CargoSoft API you bring holistic transparency to your transport chain. This is a plus point, especially when it comes to sustainability and emissions certificates in external representation.

Partner company

  • ECOTransIT for CO2 calculations
  • Project 44 and Portbase
  • Shippeo as a status supplier

Easy to understand, easy to use!

Discover our CargoSoft API – all information can be found in the documentation. Take a look now!
CargoSoft Productowner

„In line with our vision of simplifying and optimizing our customers’ logistics processes, we have developed our CargoSoft API with great care. I am proud that it is not only easy to use and extremely reliable, but also provides a significant increase in efficiency for our customers.”

Hauke ​​Gulich, EDI team leader
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