TMS invoice

Connection to financial accounting, controlling, credit limit checking

  • Transfer of accounting data
  • Import/export of debtors and creditors
  • Automatic closing/opening of booking periods
  • Export outgoing invoices
  • Import incoming invoices
  • Export of (invoice) documents from the electronic storage (e-file)
  • eInvoicing Europe

Your benefits

  • Automated transfer of incoming invoices, outgoing invoices and provisions
  • Open items at a glance
  • Intelligent credit limit checking secures orders
  • Automated incoming invoice processing saves time
  • Always have the current currency rate at hand
  • Power BI for management decisions

Product info

With the CargoSoft TMS financial accounting module, you can integrate the accounting side and controlling into your transport orders. Our solution relieves your financial accounting of many manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes. This includes, among other things, the automated processing of incoming invoices, the automated credit limit check and the digital management of open items.

This is how your accounting program communicates with CargoSoft TMS

We ensure that the financial accounting system you use communicates directly with CargoSoft TMS. We currently have over forty different accounting programs connected. This means you can be sure that we can operate all common programs. These include, among others, DATEV with receipt image transfer, CS CSV Standard, Exact Online, Diamant, Addison, EGecko, MegaK, Fimox, Comarch, SAP, Navision, Lexware, Exact, GDC, DBFibu, Winline, Sage, OrgaSoft, Adata and Carat.

For you, this means an automated exchange of outgoing invoices, incoming invoices, provisions and rebookings as well as address master data. It is also possible to transfer receipt images to financial accounting or your archiving system from the electronic order file (CargoSoft eAkte).

Provide invoices digitally to customers

Would you also like to connect your customers electronically in a structured, future-proof format? Then simply export your outgoing invoices digitally via the interface. By default, this is possible in the ZUGFeRD/X-Rechnung and CS Invoice XML formats. You can also implement your formats individually with us.


Feel free to contact us regarding the latest developments in eInvoicing in Germany, Romania, or Poland.

Open items at a glance

The CargoSoft “Open Items” module allows you to quickly and easily overview and manage all outstanding items. It includes payment entry including group payments, keeping an open item list and dunning procedures with different dunning levels. The main advantage: additional searches and research on open items in your accounting software are no longer necessary.

Intelligent credit limit checking secures orders

You are always on the safe side with CargoSoft’s intelligent credit limit check. For this purpose, the “open items” are transferred to CargoSoft TMS for the credit limit check. In the TMS, any open items in the customer base and during shipment entry are displayed. At the same time, the automated credit limit check is carried out during order entry and invoice creation.

Automated incoming invoice processing saves time

We implement automated incoming invoice processing with partner companies. All relevant data is extracted from the attachment using document recognition. The generated data record including the PDF document is then integrated into CargoSoft TMS. Completely digitalized, the provision is then checked, booked, passed on to your accounting software and archived in the e-file.

Always have the current currency rate at hand

In the international transport business, bookings are usually made in other currencies. It’s practical if you always have the current price at hand. That’s why CargoSoft TMS offers the function of automatically importing and processing currency rates. This means you are always up to date and on the safe side.

Power BI for management decisions

We provide business intelligence (BI) alongside the operational data from the CargoSoft TMS or the online booking platform eForwarding. We visualize, condense and prepare your operational data so that you can make your decisions at a glance. Our CargoSoft BI interface is the gateway, for example to the widely used Microsoft PowerBI. Show you who are your highest-earning customers, which locations or scheduled services are running best. Anyone who knows how to use the information they have and can draw the right conclusions has a clear advantage.

DATEV (financial accounting system)

DocThor from CargoBytes (automatic incoming invoice processing, image recognition, provision of incoming invoices in CS Invoice XML format with receipt image)

CargoSoft Productowner

„We know that the connection to the financial accounting systems for our customers is a small part of the overall structure of CargoSoft TMS. However, we see again and again how important this component is. Trust, accuracy and reliability of the connections play a major role. Because there are dependencies on tax and legal requirements as well as on the efficiency and financial planning security of a company. We want to make our contribution to this.”

Patricia Best

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