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“Excellent Family-Friendly”

We are family-friendly – we demonstrate this externally with the "Excellent Family-Friendly" quality seal. Since 2015, we have undergone recertification every two years. Maren Dienstmaier, the project manager, explains how we continue to develop with our employees regarding the balance between work and family, and why we take on the challenge of maintaining this seal for businesses in the state of Bremen and the surrounding areas every two years. She works with us as a software tester in quality management.
Ceremonial presentation of the "Excellent Family-Friendly" certificate at the Bremen City Hall by Senator Dr. Schilling. Maren Dienstmaier (right) accepted the honor on our behalf. Congratulations also to the representatives of the Bremen Tram and the Bremen Sisterhood of the "Rotes Kreuz", who joined us in stepping forward – and, of course, to the other 38 "seal holders."

How many times has CargoSoft received the “Excellent Family-Friendly” quality seal and what does the certificate mean to you?

We have been participating in this initiative since 2015. The evaluation through the audit is an objective confirmation of our commitment to balancing work, family, and private life. It allows us to demonstrate externally how we at CargoSoft create conditions for a good work-life balance that fit our company culture and our employees. However, we do not take these measures just for the sake of the seal. Everything we do in this area would happen even without the seal.

Which offers are particularly well received by the employees?

The job bike, a bicycle leasing model, is very popular. Thanks to this offer, more and more of our colleagues are pedaling their way between home office and office in an environmentally friendly and healthy manner. The fact that we have opened our offices to well-behaved pets makes it particularly easier for dog owners among us to organize their daily routines. We also see high participation in the regular workshops and activities related to health. We are all now excited about our “Multispace.” This is our new room concept, specially developed for the hybrid work model we practice. It will be available for viewing starting in spring 2024.

In your opinion, is it worth it for companies to apply for the “Excellent Family-Friendly” seal, and how does the certification process work?

Absolutely – provided that genuine commitment to balancing family and work is practiced in the respective company. Companies in the state of Bremen and the surrounding areas can participate. Certification is possible every two years. In the first year, target agreements are established, and their implementation is reviewed in an audit and documented in an interim report the following year. The contact point is the RKW Service Center for Work and Family, which bundles all services and offers related to the “Excellent Family-Friendly” quality seal.