Smarter working: training and free knowledge transfer

With us, the software comes with knowledge. Did you know that often only a fraction of the software application is used? We help you to work even smarter and to use the digital tool even more comprehensively.

Take a look at our current training dates for 2024 . Our topics cover the entire spectrum of everyday digital forwarding activities. To get started, we recommend our 1-hour free “online knowledge transfer”. There we will show you, for example, “how to use the TMS dashboard more effectively” or take you “into the basic functions of the mask editor.”

We have tailored our comprehensive training program to the different levels of know-how of our users. We offer basic training for CargoSoft-TMS air and sea freight – suitable for users with and without CargoSoft knowledge. We have again planned a three-day onboarding seminar for the TMS sea freight software for this autumn. This will take place online from 8 to 10 October. Registration is in progress.

For the more advanced among you, we have put together special training topics to expand your application knowledge. These include: air and sea freight modules, customs applications, the invoicing area as well as statistics and evaluations.

You can also find many useful videos on our YouTube channel, for example the recorded knowledge transfer “Assignment of tax keys for incoming and outgoing invoices”.